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July 2018

Agile, Customizable and Lean?

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Agile production and mass customization are powerful concepts that line producers often find hard to realize.

Many struggle to simultaneously:
– Ensure lean, operational excellence.
– Innovate and renew products fast enough to stay at the
forefront of global competition.
– Offer the product variance and uniqueness needed to appeal to
many customers.

So, how can you enable mass customization and secure business fundamentals?

Access this white paper on HOW TO DESIGN FOR AGILE LINE PRODUCTION? for a few ideas. The paper itself is designed for online reading.

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May 2018

How to Design for Fast Service?

“Service is growing in importance for almost all equipment producers. For many of them, it’s the number one contributor to brand loyalty and bottom-line profit. Modularity is a great tool to fundamentally improve quality, lead-time and efficiency in service operations, and boost service sales.”

– Alex Ginsburg

Alex is lead author on a new white paper titled How to Design Products for Fast Service? Based on unique industry experience, it’s been developed by Susanne Flyckt Sandström, Markus Lotz and Jakob Åsell – together with Alex – to provide inspiration for product and service design.

Access How to Design Products for Fast Service? as a pdf designed for reading online.


Service builds customer loyalty, saves costs and drives innovation.

Or it doesn’t.

Modularity can turn fast, simple and cost-effective service from strategy into reality. Modularity meets the demands of an increasingly competitive market, because a modular product architecture provides a stable product structure that’s configurable down to fixed positional references for technicians to find, record and deliver service activities.

How to Design Products for Fast Service is the first in a new How-to Series from Modular Management to provide inspiration for product and service design. Imagine empowering service personnel, shortening lead times, optimizing resource utilization and building long-term relations with happier customers.

Just contact if you’re curious to find out more.

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April 2018

Leif Östling on Modular Design

Leif Östling is one of the world’s leading authorities on modularity. As a new Board Member, we asked him about the challenges and opportunities facing industry today.


What do you think are the biggest challenges facing industry?

The biggest challenge is the rapid change that’s ongoing.

Companies have to move from a traditional steel focus to sensors and services. And focus needs to move fast from steel to system design, with a lot of digital instruments and sensors brought in.

How can companies cope with this change?

You have to keep your product system in order, with modular designs, standardized interfaces and electronic and digital systems that also work in modules.

If you do, the fantastic thing is that you can then develop your business model with all the information you get in from products and customers, not least through connections over the net. You can get amazing information on how to improve and adjust your products and your services in real time, and thereby get closer to the customer than you’ve ever been before.

The consequence of this change is that you can – and have to – change your business model. If not, you’ll never harness the benefits of thinking modular, and you could be in big trouble.

You talk about moving from ‘inside-out’ to ‘outside-in’. What do you mean by this?

To really harness the opportunities of a steadily more connected world, I think that traditional companies have to move quickly away from an inside-out approach to what they’re doing. You have to move away from telling customers “Here is what we have and it’s the best you can get.” Instead you have to go out and ask the customer “What do you need?”

This change of perspective, from inside-out to outside-in, focuses the organization on how to better understand customer needs and better harness the user information that’s available to manufacturers of connected products and services. What you need to understand is that the customer almost always wants individual, tailormade products and services.

What are the biggest pitfalls ahead?

The biggest pitfall is to do nothing.

The easiest choice is just to carry on with the business model you have, because if you change the business model and the way you work to introduce modularization, you have to change the company culture.

We have a tendency as people not to want to change anything and carry on as it’s always has been. And this general fear of change is what a company’s leadership must handle. How can you connect and motivate people, and support them throughout the change process?

The only way to survive as a big organization, not least today, is to start to move and move quickly

What’s the most amazing thing about modularity for you?

The most amazing thing about modularity is not only that you build in system thinking; you also build interdependencies between different engineering groups and teams so that they can work together. They can’t work separately, in splendid isolation, because those days are gone. With modularity, you get a fantastic instrument for creating a good team spirit in a company.


For more information

Susanne Flyckt Sandström, Media Relations, Modular Management Group,
Karl-Johan Linghede, CEO, Modular Management Group,

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March 2018

Leif Östling Joins Modular Management Board

Leif Östling has joined the Board of Modular Management.

Leif Östling’s former positions include Chairman of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, CEO of Scania Trucks, Member of Volkswagen AG Board of Management and advisor to Toyota Material Handling Group. Leif also holds advisory positions at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Morgan Stanley and is a Board Member at EQT, the Honorary Doctors’ Academy at Luleå University of Technology, Silver Life and Södertälje Science Park.

Modular Management in Brief

Based in Stockholm, Modular Management is a world leading consultancy in modularity and configuration. Thanks to modular product architectures, clients can increase productivity, speed up the delivery of new products and customize their offering all at the same time.

With 100+ successful cases in sectors including home appliances, transport, power supply, construction equipment and telecom, Modular Management is internationally regarded as market leader in modularity and configuration design.

Leif Östling, Board Member, Modular Management Group:

“This is an era of rapid change. Customers want individual, customized solutions and industry has to move from steel to sensors and services. We learnt at Scania that if you create and implement modular systems with standardized interfaces you can efficiently produce and configure products that meet unique customer demands. With modular digital systems you can harness data to satisfy customer needs and modularity gets your organization, products and customers working more closely together to drive development of your business model. Modular Management is a company that supports international clients do just this and I’m happy to be joining the Board.”

Karl-Johan Linghede, CEO, Modular Management Group:

“We’re very pleased that Leif is joining our Board. Leif has extensive experience of leading international companies that utilize modular product architectures as a competitive advantage and this will further support the development of Modular Management. With his unique knowledge, industry insight, breadth and depth of experience and extensive network, Leif will provide great value for Modular Management and our clients.”


Susanne Flyckt Sandström, Media Relations, Modular Management Group,
Karl-Johan Linghede, CEO, Modular Management Group,

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January 2018

New CEO for Modular Management

Karl-Johan Linghede is the new CEO of Modular Management Group as of January 2018. Karl-Johan replaces company founder Alex von Yxkull, who becomes a working board member.

Modular Management, based in Stockholm, is a world-leading consulting firm in modularity and configuration.

Karl-Johan’s most recent position was Vice President and Head of Finance & Corporate Management at consulting firm Acando. He has extensive experience of driving and developing organizations with management consulting and effective digital solutions.

Prior to Acando, Karl-Johan worked at Scania with production development. His responsibilities included investments in production capacity, redefining productions flows and securing manufacturing for new products. He has also worked in USA and Canada for the family business in the concrete industry.

Modular Management in Brief

Modular Management is a world leading consultancy that makes the seemingly impossible possible. Thanks to modular product architectures, clients can increase productivity, speed up the delivery of new products and customize their offering all at the same time.

With more than 100 successful cases in sectors including home appliances, transport, power generation, construction equipment and telecom, Modular Management is internationally regarded as market leader within this field.

Karl-Johan Linghede, CEO, Modular Management Group:

“I’m really looking forward to getting to know Modular Management’s clients, international consultants and software team. We have unique know-how and the capacity to realize business value for our clients through modularization. And the track record to prove it. We now have the opportunity to accelerate service delivery and grow the advisory part of our business. At the same time we can take a position as a leading solution provider with PALMA®. This unique digital solution for product architecture data is built on a state-of-the-art platform that is faster and more capable than anything else available. I’m proud to join Modular Management and, together with my new colleagues, look forward to realizing the next steps in the growth of our company.”

Alex von Yxkull, Founder and Former CEO, Modular Management Group:

“As an investment in the future of Modular Management, the Board has been looking for a person that will strengthen our capabilities to grow. We’re therefore very excited to present Karl-Johan Linghede as new CEO. As for me, I’ll remain in the company as a working board member focusing on sales and partner relations.”


Susanne Flyckt Sandström, Media Relations, Modular Management Group,

Karl-Johan Linghede, CEO, Modular Management Group,

Read more about Karl-Johan Linghede on LinkedIn (external site).

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