Meet Your Challenges

Your customers have high demands. Some want cutting edge products. Others want a wide range of different models or services. And everyone expects competitive prices.

An impossible equation to balance?

The marketing theory “The Discipline of Market Leaders” presents a simple yet useful model that explains how your company could beat the competition by focusing on one of three value disciplines:

  • Operational Excellence: Optimizing all processes to deliver the lowest cost
  • Product Leadership: Focusing on being first-to-market with new products to achieve price premium
  • Customer Intimacy: Tailoring and shaping your products exactly to the customer’s need to build long-term loyalty.

The theory suggests that your company can excel in just one of these areas. Try to compete in a second and you’ll lose focus on the first.

Modularity proves this theory wrong.

Gain a competitive edge – and then two more

Modular Management can show it’s possible to optimize your strategic position in all directions. Not one. Not two. But three. And the solution lies in modularity.

Modularity is defined as “the degree to which a system is made up of relatively independent but interlocking components or parts.” Modular product architecture is the foundation for tailoring your product or service to the needs of your customers.

How modularity works

Product X is composed of 20 separate modules – each module available in five different variants. If the modules have standardized interfaces, then each variant can be combined in different ways to create completely different products. The result? Over 95 trillion product configurations quickly produced with fewer parts and lower overall costs.