Design for Fast Service


Agile production and mass customization are powerful concepts that line producers often find hard to realize. But it is possible.


Guide How to Design for Fast Service

Service builds customer loyalty, saves costs and drives innovation. Or it doesn’t.

“Service is growing in importance for almost all equipment producers. For many of them, it’s the number one contributor to brand loyalty and bottom-line profit. Modularity is a great tool to fundamentally improve quality, lead-time and efficiency in service operations - and boost service sales.”

Alex Ginsburg

Alex is lead author on an insight paper titled 'How to Design Products for Fast Service?' Based on unique industry experience, it’s been developed by Susanne Flyckt Sandström, Markus Lotz and Jakob Åsell – together with Alex – to provide inspiration for product and service design.

Modularity can turn fast, simple and cost-effective service from strategy into reality. Modularity meets the demands of an increasingly competitive market, because a modular product architecture provides a stable product structure that’s configurable down to fixed positional references for technicians to find, record and deliver service activities.

Imagine empowering service personnel, shortening lead times, optimizing resource utilization and building long-term relations with happier customers. Download our comprehensive guide to find out more.

Alex Ginsburg

Customers want innovative products, fast. Companies want to make customers happy and be 21st century lean. So how does all that work? Modular Management delivers clarity, performance and customer centricity so clients can reduce complexity and accelerate value creation.


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