How are you using PALMA Software to deliver what customers want?

What are your peers up to?

How can you connect your company with an unbroken digital thread?

If you’re a PALMA user, don’t miss this webinar and hit the link below for more info.


Cost Leadership and Agility

You hold a leadership position.

You’re battling to be cost efficient, innovative and close to the customer. 

It’s not getting easier. 

You want discuss how others have achieved sustainable cost leadership and agility and find out how you can stay ahead of the competition. 

Don’t miss this unique event and hit the link below for more information.


PALMA Launch & After Work

The PALMA® Software launch and after work event was held at a cool club in central Stockholm. 

In a relaxed atmosphere, thought leaders discussed agile product management and how to connect customers, products and organisations.

Thanks to all who came and click below for some photos.