Exclusive Networking

Meet your peers and test your ideas at exclusive Modular Management events.

Previous happenings include Agile Product Management and PALMA After Work in Stockholm.

Email for how to get tickets to the upcoming How to Achieve Cost Leadership and Agility meeting of minds in Chicago, May 7.


How to Achieve Cost Leadership and Agility?

Big question. Big opportunity.

To sustain a cost advantage you need to lead in terms of direct, indirect, capital and development costs. At the same time you want to be fast, customer-centric and innovative.

Welcome to an exclusive event in Chicago to test the boundaries of cost leadership and agility. 

By the way, this is Hermes, Greek god of commerce who also had winged feet.


Driving Long-Term, Industry-Leading Margins

Leif Östling’s former positions include CEO of Scania Trucks and Member of Volkswagen AG Board of Management. 

Under his leadership, Scania grew operating margins to 18%, more than twice that of the nearest competitor.

Product Architecture in Highly Competitive Environments

Steve Paddock is former Senior Vice President of Product Development at Whirlpool.

He implemented a multi-brand product architecture that generated +$1 billion in revenues and -$1.5 billion in COGS.


Agility, Industrial Automation and Innovation

Anders Helgeson is former CTO of ABB Robotics and a knowledge leader in agility and industrial automation.

He’ll provide unique insight into the power of product architecture for hardware, software and service design.



Registration opens 09:30 at The Westin O’Hare close to ORD. The program itself runs 10:30 to 16:30 with generous time for networking.

10:30: Welcome

  • Why Are We Here?
  • Cost Leadership, Agility and Competitive Advantage
  • Steve Paddock on Product Architecture in Highly Competitive Environments
  • Leif Östling on Driving Long-Term, Industry-Leading Margins
  • Group Q&A

12:15: Lunch

  • Cost Leadership, Agility and Data
  • Ed Anderson on Cost Leadership and Business Transformation
  • Anders Helgeson on Agility, Industrial Automation and Innovation
  • Coffee
  • Group Q&A & Networking

16:30: End of Session

18:00: Buffet, Drinks and Networking With Speakers and Peers


For your convenience, The Westin O’Hare Hotel is located close to Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD).