How to Achieve Cost Leadership and Agility?

You hold a leadership position.

You’re battling to be cost efficient, innovative and close to the customer. 

It’s not getting easier. 

You want learn and discuss with peers how they’ve achieved sustainable cost leadership and agility – and find out how to stay ahead of the competition. 

We welcome you to a full day of experiences on the 14th of October in Chicago.

(By the way, this is Hermes, cost-leading Greek god of commerce with winged feet, so pretty agile too.)


Sustainable Cost Leadership and Agility

Big challenge. Big opportunity.

To sustain a cost advantage you need to lead in terms of direct, indirect, capital and development costs. At the same time you want to be fast, flexible, customer-centric and innovative with an extensive market offering. 

The question is how?

Join your peers for a day of experience sharing at the Westin O’Hare in Chicago 14th of October. This unique event is free of charge and you’ll get to challenge innovative thinkers from North America and Europe on how to create configurable, data-driven product architectures that support end-to-end value creation. 

These keynote speakers have created sustainable cost advantages at Scania, Whirlpool and ABB Robotics. You’ll get time to talk with them and witness the launch of PALMA Software for strategic product management and data-driven agility.

Welcome to Chicago


Leif Östling

Driving Long-Term, Industry-Leading Margins. Leif’s former positions include CEO of Scania Trucks and Member of Volkswagen AG Board of Management. Under his leadership, Scania grew operating margins to 18%, more than twice that of the nearest competitor.

Steve Paddock

Product Architecture in Highly Competitive Environments. Steve is former Senior Vice President of Product Development at Whirlpool. He implemented a multi-brand product architecture that generated +$1 billion in revenues and -$1.5 billion in COGS.

Anders Helgeson

Agility, Industrial Automation and Innovation. Anders is the former CTO of ABB Robotics and a knowledge leader in agility and industrial automation. He’ll provide unique insight into the power of product architecture.

Ed Anderson

Ed Anderson

Ed is a global leader with 35+ years of experience in cost leadership, product delivery, process re-engineering and organization design. During his time at Whirlpool he developed a ground-breaking Competitive Cost Analysis Team.

Gustav Grenås and Jakob Åsell

Gustav and Jakob are IT pioneers working with PALMA® Software. They’ll share how to build an information framework that connects you company.

For your convenience, The Westin O’Hare Hotel is located close to ORD International Airport. Hit the button below to book a room and the program starts 10:30 in the Michigan Ballroom.