Strategic Software

PALMA® is the world-class solution for product management.

Standing for Product Architecture Lifecycle Management, PALMA is cloud-based strategic software for how to create, document and govern modular product architectures. With this unique structured approach and strategic software you can design, document and configure products. You can also connect enterprise systems and secure business goals.

Enterprise Digitalization

A modular product architecture enables you to reduce complexity and accelerate value creation. Here's more on what it is and how you can use it to achieve more with less in your business.

PALMA can power your company’s digital transformation. This strategic software provides a structured approach and enables the digitalization of the product development processes, helping your organization to create and maintain a competitive and flexible product assortment over time. 

This strategic software offers a wide range of integrated tools that make it possible for you to define market needs, product architecture and configuration rules without coding. All this means you can connect teams and manage products and services with precision and consistency across all company functions. Our reference clients are leaders in their fields and PALMA has 20 years of product architecture expertise built in.


Companies know they have to transform into a digital enterprise, not least in order to enable the customization of products and services and connect people and organizations.

Transitioning into a real digital enterprise places new requirements of managing business, market and product information. Modularization of the product assortment is a key enabler for digitalizing product planning and the management of product assortments and platforms.

PALMA is therefore a unique, cloud-based support system for creating, sharing and governing product architectures throughout your organization.




1. Create the best possible product architecture to serve customer needs and company strategy. 

2. Digitalize architecture information so it’s real-time, accurate and accessible throughout the company. 

3. Synchronize views in PLM, ERP and CPQ thanks to a common product architecture.

4. Realize true enterprise digitalization.