Bill Kaelin


Having held directorships in big companies, Bill knows first hand how modularity makes it possible to successfully execute business strategy.


"The genius of modularity is that you can execute an entire business strategy in chunks that are digestible for large organizations."

After an intense year of lean management systems development, a company executive said to me, “This is the first time in my career that I am working at my level. I have the time to be strategic while still dealing with the daily demands of the job”.  

Today, so many people are simply busy, running from meeting to meeting, but they are not productive.

By combining lean and modularity, everyone in the company will have time to add their unique talents to the flow of customer value. Lean business systems require elegant product architecture; otherwise, improvement efforts will eventually hit a wall. Without modularity, teams will spend their days managing non-value add complexity instead of giving customers what they want and need.

I love working at the intersection where people, processes and innovative technologies come together. The genius of modularity is that you can execute an entire business strategy in chunks that are digestible for large organizations. I saw this first hand at a former employer, where Modular Management and the launch team saved a dying product line burdened by decades of uncoordinated line extensions and feature adds that had sunk profit margins. Providing this lift to our clients, and giving teams their time back for both career and family, is what motivates me.

Having had the opportunity to work in a variety of industries, functions, and organizational levels, the challenges I’ve faced have all had common themes: customers want more value faster, employees want engaging careers with work-life balance, and shareholders want and expect reliable returns. And this is true in both the public and private sectors. Few organizations have figured out how to provide all three outcomes, and I like working at Modular Management because we have the methods and tools to satisfy all stakeholder needs.

It is in equal parts humbling and exciting to work with the talent assembled at Modular Management. Our Consultants and Board of Directors are some of the most accomplished and recognized leaders in the world. We all love what we do, have fun every day and continuously share. This benefits our clients and develops our capabilities collectively as a team.

Bill Kaelin