Lars Gullander


Lars is President of Modular Management Asia Pacific and enjoys supporting clients get the most out of modularity.


How to Build a Competitive Advantage?

First, Introduce Yourself

I head up work on prestudies and governance activities in Japan and around the world. I like learning new things and getting to know people, products, technologies and cultures. 

Which are the Main Challenges Facing Business Today?

In general, everything runs faster and faster. To survive, companies need to do their job faster and with higher quality.

A typical challenge is that companies have several generations of products and technologies alive in R&D, manufacturing and out on the market. This means complexity, especially as the speed of innovation increases.

The management challenge is to make decisions based on value delivery and the cost of managing technologies. What can reduce complexity and simplify the life of customers? We need to make distinct choices on hardware, software and services instead of avoiding making decisions.

Which are the Main Opportunities?

Often, it’s not really the decision that’s difficult, rather the consequences of the decision. It’s about courage. About taking steps into the unknown and phasing out old products. Companies have to dare to pick the things they believe in short term, while switching technologies to provide new and innovative solutions. They can’t just add.

The modular journey is one way to meet the challenges of changing customer demands in a better way. Modularity can cope with the high pace of change and simplify solution creation, management and delivery.

What are Your Professional Drivers?

I enjoy supporting our organization grow and take on new challenges. And it’s the same with clients, where I work to understand the change management needed to make configurable products. It’s energizing to get under the skin of new products and technologies. Doing more with less is actually pretty amazing.

Lars Gullander

Lars Gullander


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Power of Modularity?

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