We can offer:

Unique expertise

Modular Management’s quality is unsurpassed in its field. Our methodology has been refined over 20 years of ongoing research and practical application. Our PALMA® software supports the entire process, ensuring you the best result: a lasting product foundation.

Fast implementation

We’ve got the tools and methods you need to implement modular product platforms. From concept to launch and all that comes after, we’ve got it covered. All critical data is captured in PALMA, linking your company’s strategy to our methods in a single program. Our consultants work with you hand-in-hand to get your modular products to market quickly and smoothly.

Minimized risk

Our global consultants have held management positions in fields like product management, lean manufacturing, industrial product design, supply chain and modular design. With over 100 client programs and 300 years of accumulated experience, we can help you develop modular product platforms on time and on budget. From there, PALMA helps your company to manage your product assortment and architecture over its lifecycle.