Accelerate Value Creation

Unique Consultancy Solutions to Reduce Complexity and Accelerate Value Creation


Modular transformation – with structured governance – enables companies to reduce complexity and accelerate value creation.


Set your strategic direction and execute on plan. The journey is structured in formulate, create, implement and govern phases. A tried and tested journey to accelerate value creation.


Market Segmentation

How to embed customer needs into your products? Use market segmentation to define customer segments, market specifications, product families, innovation roadmap and final product specifications.

MFD by Modular Management


Apply Modular Function Deployment (MFD®) to create product architectures that meet customer needs, strategic targets and functional requirements.



Use the Modular Strategy and Potential (MSAP™) analysis to define a market-driven modular strategy, set targets and calculate the value of a modular product architecture.



This is the world-class solution for product management.

Standing for Product Architecture Lifecycle Management, PALMA is cloud-based strategic software to create, document and govern modular product architectures. With this unique structured approach you can design, document and configure product platforms..

Built on an in-memory database platform, PALMA is faster and more capable than anything else on the market, so you can connect enterprise systems and secure business goals