How to Design for the Circular Economy?

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Introducing PALMA®

Modular Management is proud to present the world-class solution for product management.

Standing for Product Architecture Lifecycle Management, PALMA is cloud-based strategic software to create, document and govern product architectures. With this unique structured approach you can optimize configurable product architectures. You can also connect enterprise systems and secure business goals.

Built on an in-memory database platform, PALMA is faster and more capable than anything else on the market, so you can create configuration rules without coding and govern product architecture life cycles.


Accelerate Value Creation

Modular Management enables companies to reduce complexity and accelerate value creation, through clarity, performance and customer centricity.


Here you’ll find cutting-edge technology to govern architectural data and realize true enterprise digitalization. Together with unmatched consulting services, you can define and release the power of modular and configurable product architectures. 

Below, founder Alex von Yxkull and two mystery clients discuss the power of modularity. How can you get your company to play in a different league? 

Welcome to The How Company. 


One-Touch Configuration?

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