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    - Achieve double digit market share growth, 44% lower product cost, and 90% reduction in throughput time


    - Increases Commonality of Components and Offers the World’s Most Efficient of Family of Engines


Sounds impossible?

We’ve done it for over a hundred companies. And we can do it for you.

Modular Management can help you reduce development time, expand product assortment and reduce product cost – all at the same time. Sounds unthinkable? Read about our success with Trane here >

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Our Expertise

We do modular product architecture every day. And our expertise is unique. Since 1996, we’ve helped over 100 organizations around the globe implement modularity. We’ve accumulated 300 man-years of experience and continuously refine our tools and methods through ongoing research and implementation.

Partnering with Modular Management means you can rely on highest quality service and a quick and effective implementation of modularity.

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Track Record

Modular Management has a solid track record of implementing product platform design. It doesn’t matter if you work with postal service or automobile manufacturing, whether you produce five units per year or five million. With our proven methodology, you can increase your offering, reduce production cost and speed up time to market.

In this section, you can read about the results our clients have achieved through modularity.

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About Us

Modular Management is a global leader in strategic modular product architecture. We began as a team of researchers at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology and IVF* investigating modularization. Our research led us to start Modular Management in 1996 as a product development consultant firm.

Today, we are an international team with offices in Sweden, Germany, the United States, and China. With our own set of comprehensive tools and methods, we help companies around the globe reap the benefits of modularization.

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Click here to gain access to a variety of publications on the topics of modularity and product architecture.

From research papers and theses by Modular Management associates, to case studies and external publications, you can find out more about the theory and practice of modularization.

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